The Act of Eating

The first thing you should know about me is that I’m a whore. For Food.

Pick a number. Multiply by 150, and you’ll get the number of times I think about food in a day. I don’t just think about the art form that is food, but the act of eating it. The feeling of pushing my fork into its form, tasting its spiciness or sweetness, testing myself on whether I can guess what ingredients and flavours have been married to create it.

Eating isn’t just something we do for sustenance or just to fill our little (well, not so little in some cases) tummies when they growl for attention; it is a way of life, an art form and most importantly, a necessary decadence that everyone is entitled to.

I remember when I was a very young schoolgirl and a classmate said to me, ‘In order to shed weight, we are supposed to chew our food 15 times before swallowing’, I laughed AT her and asked her why anyone would waste their time chewing every bite as life passes them by. She is half-right after all. Well, the latter part of her statement is.

How can we ever enjoy our food if we don’t take the time to savour every bite our food? How can we ever appreciate the various ingredients on a plate that has been placed in front us without paying attention to the act of tasting?

On that note, i implore you to treat each meal like it’s your last meal. You owe your taste buds that much.

Oh and finally, welcome to my food space. I needed an outlet for my many food thoughts, so expect a lot of ramblings. As you might have been able to tell, I am not a writer.