Hi! I’m the Paintedlady, I’m a Nigerian and I love to eat. As a result of my love for food, I cook.  I like to get my hands dirty (figuratively) in the kitchen but haven’t felt the need to be a diligent food chronicler until now. Sooo, welcome!

My favourite things to do are to read my Bible, eat new things (well, this is a food blog), dispute spiritual abusers, search the web for random recipes, think of random food pairings, stalk other blogs, collect cookbooks, spend all day at a farmer’s market and learn French. Contrary to popular belief, I’m an extremely shy person who wants to one day do jumping jacks on a zebra crossing in broad daylight in a busy city, have dinner in Brazil (why, you ask? Just for the fun of it) and retire to the countryside. I have an unhealthy fixation with cheese and Delia Smith. Lastly, I detest onions. Please don’t ask me why, I just do.